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The wines from the silent Dolomites.

Located at the entrance of the Dolomites Park,  at the foot of the Vette Feltrine, 600 m above sea level, The Pian delle Vette Winery dedicates with passion to wines and the environment. Because of that commitment it has full autonomy in all operations in order to achieve high quality and safeguard the fragility of the ecosystem.  Belonging to prestigious historic Italian wineries and conscious to operate in a difficult environment it follows strict rules.  For example the choice of grape varieties was done among local vines and those selections  that are better suited to a mountain environment with harsh winters, large variations in temperature between night and day and nutrient poor soil.

Each growing season the health of grapes is a priority.  As a result in its wines you’ll be able to feel  and taste the harmony of the landscape, the quietness of places , the wholesomeness of grapes and the rich biodiversity that give unique flavours and aromas.
Each vineyard is a small niche studied to enhance the interaction between the vines and the environment in order to obtain a unique wine, with an authentic expression of the mountain terroir far from fashion and empty trends.

The main principles that inspire the Pian delle Vette Winery are the transparency of information to the consumer for its product and to succeed in explaining the purity of its wines.

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Soc. Agr. Pian delle Vette
Via Teda, 11 32032 Pren di Feltre (BL) - ITALIA
We are open on Saturday from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 18.
The other days of the week we are in winery occasionally,
therefore we suggest to call +39 329.8191436 - +39 329.8191436 .