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Pinot Nero - 2014 - Refinement and elegance

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DESCRIPTION OF WINE: The smell of violet and peony is blended with hints of strawberries, grass of the fields and a memory of vanilla. Pleasant and balanced sip with peped note in closing.

GRAPES: Pinot Noir

WINE COLOUR: A clear and shiny red like the gemstone of ruby.

ALCOHOLIC GRADE: On average 14%. 

SUGGESTED TEMPERATURE: 16-18°C. | 60,8F-64,4 | 289,15K-291,15K

TO MATCH WITH: we suggest to drink it with roasted meats, braised meat with mushrooms, lamb meat and fillet of beet tops. It tastes good with cured pork meats and fresh cheese or aged cheese.

PRODUCTION AREA: Feltre, Vignui- elevation 580m/ a.s.l. inside Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park


GRAPES HARVEST: manual in case with selection in vineyard

REFINEMENT: 24 months in barrels of French durmast and minimum 4 months in the bottle

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