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Scalon grapes Diolinoir 2014 - Elegance and vivacity

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DESCRIPTION OF WINE: well-structured wine, with a rich quantity of tannins. The perfume is intense and very elegant. The jam of soft fruit ( especially black currant) emerges.

GRAPES: Diolinoir (Swiss wine variety)

WINE COLOUR: Red like the gemstone of ruby. It has also violet glares.

ALCOHOLIC GRADE: On average 13%. 

SUGGESTED TEMPERATURE: 16-18°C. | 60,8F-64,4 | 289,15K-291,15K

TO MATCH WITH: We suggest to match it with courses based on red meats and various wildfowls. It tastes good with aged and savoury cheese.

PRODUCTION AREA: Feltre, Vignui- elevation 580m/ a.s.l. inside Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

NUMBERS OF BOTTLES: 600/800 bottles produced


GRAPES HARVEST: manual in case with selection in vineyard

REFINEMENT: 24 months in barrels of French durmast and minimum 4 months in the bottle

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